Toddler Playing Soccer

Wyatt Cooper (10), Staff Writer – August 31, 2020

As we all know, the coronavirus has done a number on our country. Almost every aspect of our lives are being altered to better form to what is happening around us. Sports are being postponed. School, jobs, and more are being done from home instead of in person. While all this may be frustrating, it has not completely stopped some groups from doing what they love. For example, the NFL is still having their season started on the 10th of September.

Figuring out how to handle this situation safely for high schoolers has not been an easy decision to make when pertaining to sports. School sports being postponed has made it hard for people to remain passionate about sports so CIF has come up with a game plan. Trying to dodge Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart that has occurred in a number COVID-19 patients, CIF has stated that all fall sports are being postponed to the winter season while winter and spring sports will be combined into the spring season. 

Wyatt Cooper, Staff Writer

Wyatt Cooper is currently a junior in high school at the Rock Academy.



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