The Daily Warrior’s Media Assignments

Music Video

My Day: Jacob Martinez (12)
Best Things in Life are Free: Jolie Buenviaje (12)
Listen to my own Heart: Kiersen Landes (12)
Ocotillo: Gavin Beam (11)
Waves: Cody Wallace (12)

PSA Video

PSA: Kiersen Landes (12)
PSA: Jacob Martinez (12)
PSA: Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute – Gavin Beam (11)
PSA: Josh Worthington (11)
PSA: Mentos – Max Sedano (11)
PSA: Lock Your Lockers – Jolie Buenviaje (12)

Stop Motion Video

If Only I Had A Right Arm- Cody Wallace (12)
So Hungry- Jacob Martinez (12)
Gavin Beam (11)
Will Sanford (10)
Ripped Pants- Jonas Hagen (11)
What A Wonderful Day– Max Sedano (11)
The Dragon and A Frog- Kaden Waitley (11)
Rubik’s Dilemma– Jolie Buenviaje
The Search– Joey Vargas

News Report

Fortnite Burger with Credits- Will Sanford (10)
Max Sedano (11)
Kaden Waitley (11)
Josh Worthington (11)
Cody Wallace (12)
I Lied Again- Jacob Martinez (12)
Kiersen Landes (12)