We are the Rock Academy journalism team.

Joey Vargas

Newspaper Advisor

Here’s this guy…he says and tells people he’s from Kansas but really he’s from Los Angeles. He traveled across the country to San Diego with high hopes on becoming a professional surfer. That didn’t pan out. He then tried his luck at Lucha Libre, that too did not work out. Apparently he can’t swim and bruises like a peach.

Conner Akins (12)

Technology Specialist

Gavin Beam (10)

Newspaper Reporter

Authorization: Gavin Beam (Sarge/Lazer)

Age in 2020: 15

Species: Human

Favorite phrase: Beginning playback/: “*whistles*”/ End playback

Future Goal: Join the Army and serve for 20 years

Hobbies: Knife throwing/ Gaming/ Hunting

Favorite Movie: “Transformers the Movie 1986”

Favorite Food: Imitation Crab/ Raw Ramen/ Deer

Elijah Lackey (11)

Newspaper Reporter

(seen on left)

Jolie Buenviaje (11)

Newspaper Editor in Chief

Chloe Pryor (12)

Newspaper Reporter

Andrew Harris (11)

Newspaper Reporter

Wyatt Cooper (10)

Newspaper Reporter

Kaden Waitley (10)

Newspaper Reporter