Yes everyone, it’s finally here! Naruto in Fortnite. Everyone has waited a long time for this to come out. Naruto is the anime of the decade, and I’m happy to finally see him in a battle royale game. There’s a bunch of new Naruto related items in Fortnite, including the kunai mythical item, the kuruma sliter, and the new hidden leaf village custom creative map. Also, there are many new Naruto skins for Naruto and his team members, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. This is one of the biggest and greatest updates Fortnite has ever had. Fortnite has been a part of everyone’s lives for so long, and I’m really happy that they have finally added this collaboration. The most famous anime collaborating with the most famous game, what could be more exciting? So grab your controllers and drop into Fortnite soon! 

Kaden Waitley , Staff Writer

Posted by:thadailywarrior

Rock Academy Newspaper

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