This year’s annual, well usually annual, high school camp was extremely impactful to the student body. As a senior I have been to 3 high school camps and all of them had their fair share of emotional moments. This year was different, because of one thing. The chapels. Before our speaker gave his message, we started with worship and it honestly was not anything out of the norm. A good amount of people were at the bottom of the stage, but nobody was on their knees giving it their all to God. The message portion of our chapel was mostly filled with kids falling asleep with some attentive ears still catching a few words, but that is how the first night normally goes. After chapel, we go and lay in our beds for the next eight hours without getting any sleep, then we have morning chapel. Now, I expected kids to be less attentive due to how little sleep they had, but surprisingly, kids were listening. You could tell by the aura in the room that the Holy Spirit was there and that the kids were engaged. The most memorable moment was definitely the last night chapel,and that is where things took a dramatic shift. Most of the high school boys are not very emotional, and they even consider this night of chapel the “cry night”, due to how much girls are crying. Those same boys were the ones who were on their knees questioning what this weird liquid coming from their eyes was. A community was formed. It was a community that was passionate about God and were willing to give up everything in order to follow him. If you really look into it, it was not the chapel that made the camp special, but rather the students and their vulnerability. This moment was truly beautiful.

Jacob Martinez, Staff Writer

Hey I am Jacob Martinez and have been attending the Rock for 11 years. I love hanging with my friends and spreading the Word of God. 

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Rock Academy Newspaper

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