Camp was hyped up for weeks. Excited voices in the halls, announcements in chapels, packing lists and itineraries sent out. Undoubtedly, the 2021 Rock Academy camp experience lived up to its expectation. Despite the preparations, the most exhilarating experience happened unscripted. 

The first night, Kiersen was roused awake by voices outside her window. She groggily peered out, and managed to make out a few figures. Before she could move, the cabin exploded with frightening pounds against the wall. “Boom, boom, boom!” The rest of the girls woke up screaming, hearts thumping as the boys scampered away. It was on! 

The second night Kenzi and Kiersen were ready. They woke up just before their alarms went off at 2 am. They crept out of their beds and slipped on their shoes, before sneaking out the side door, careful not to breathe and wake up anyone else. Once outside, they whispered out plans while on the way. Once at the cabin, they crouched down, as Kenzi slowly opened their front door, and started handing Kiersen the shoes one by one. Just as she was whispering to hurry up, a throng of boys bursted out of the cabin, spraying the girls with Axe. The girls bolted off running, frantically trying to keep in screams. Kenzi was caught, but Kiersen ended up running into the dark and hiding until it was clear. Eventually, the boys worked with Kenzi and handed her the rest of the shoes, after making her promise to give theirs back. 

The next morning, Kenzi and Kiersen tied the shoes together in a miss-match pattern, and hung them outside on a tree. While they could barely hold in their laughter, it wasn’t over yet. The boys charged them on the side of the hill, like a movie scene. Halbie fumbled with the key, and barely made it, letting her girls all fall in and slam the door shut right before the boys reached the dorm. They locked all the windows, but the boys still sprayed the cabin with Axe and it sifted through the cracks in the door. This was war. While they were at breakfast, a group of the senior girls snuck into their cabin and dumped all their stuff on the floor, mixing it up and spraying it once again. They left their mark by hanging a pair of boxers on a stick outside their dorm. This was the final straw, and the counselors were ready to be done. Everyone ran laps as a sort of truce, and while it had been a wild ride, it is believed to have created better bonds between the students.

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