Three words that describe Mr. Ramos are learner, called, and dreamer. Mr. Ramos is a native San Diegan and attended Valhalla Highschool, where he played football and lacrosse. He attended Point Loma Nazarene University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Health Education. Mr. Ramos then received his Masters in Criminology with research in human trafficking from Arizona State University. Finally, he received his Doctorate in Education, where his research is focused on persistence and graduation protective factors among Native American students in higher education. As seen in Mr. Ramos’s educational background he loves reading, writing, and doing research. Mr. Ramos first started teaching while working with adults as a health educator. He then transitioned into teaching incarcerated middle and highschool students. From there Mr. Ramos taught communication, education, criminology, and leadership courses as a professor at the college level. 

Mr. Ramos found the Rock Academy after feeling God call him into teaching at the elementary level. He says his favorite part of working at the Rock is his freedom to share his faith with his students and is amazed with the exceptional teachers and administrators that work here. Mr. Ramos currently teaches third grade at the Rock and loves that he can start each class day with prayer. Lastly, he looks forward to different opportunities to publish research on the ways that Christian education impacts the social, emotional development of young children and adolescents. 

Cody Wallace, Staff Writer

I have attended the Rock since first grade and am part of the football team. I enjoy taking photos and being outdoors

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