Due to the Covid-19, many sports club activities have been canceled to institute more safety. However, our school, Rock Academy, has started other sports activities in place of those that were cancelled. For example, there is the Esport Team, Golf Club, and Sailing Club. Today, we’re going to talk about the Sailing Club that starts after school from 2:45 to 5:45.

Photos by: Stephen He

Sailing is a sport where you maneuver your boat on the water. You need to use the force of the wind to control the speed and direction. There are generally two people in the boat. The person who sits in the front controls the headsail and balance of the boat. The other person who sits behind is the driver who will control the rudder and the mainsail. The driver is the person who decides the direction of where the boat is going to. In any and every case, these two people sitting in the boat need to have a tacit understanding of the boat’s function, otherwise the boat will easily capsize. In the Sailing club, the coach will teach us how to assemble the boat, how to distinguish the direction of the wind, how far the sails are to be opened, and how to move forward in the face of headwinds, ect. within the first week. When we finish the theoretical knowledge, we will start sailing. We don’t need to worry about safety, because we must wear life jackets. Also, the coach will follow us in a boat in case of any emergency.

Stephen He, Staff Writer

Stephen He is currently a senior at the Rock Academy

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