My name is Stephen, a Chinese international student. I have studied at the Rock Academy for about four years already, and this year is my junior year. Because of the threat of Covid-19, I did not want my parents, who live in China, to worry about me. So instead of choosing to go to school when campus reopened, I chose to continue online.

Online classes are boring and harder to learn compared to studying on campus. You also need a certain amount of self-control. Some examples are: not looking at your phone, not lying down on your bed when you have class, etc. If you can’t control yourself, it would be better to have classes on campus, otherwise, you won’t learn anything.

Even if you are not in school, your health is important and should be paid attention to. It is good to go out for running, cycling, and some exercise rather than staying at home blindly playing video games and doing your homework. That’s how my day looks like having online classes. I finish my homework, and do a little bit of exercise.

Stephen He, Staff Writer

Stephen He is currently a senior at the Rock Academy

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