Well, time is going quickly, we’re coming close to the end of the first semester. Unlike the other students who do in-person class, I have been doing distance learning. Although I only planned to be online for the remainder of this semester, I think I am going to continue this way for the next semester if the number of covid cases increases.

Let me tell you guys about my online learning experience. First of all, the atmosphere is not that bad. It’s really calming for me because you can do anything you want during distance learning, such as going to the bathroom without a teacher’s permission. Some teachers don’t even care about laying down and learning. Also, I think online learning is better for heavy sleepers. All you have to do is turn on your computer, and you don’t have to worry about being late for class. In-person learning, on the other hand, I have to wake up early to prepare myself and drive to school. It’s always cold outside in the early morning, and I feel like I’m wasting my gas money.

Second, since I have a job and I also work from home, I can study and work at the same time. I can make money and learn easily, which is very convenient. However, there was a tragic event in my family that caused me to lose my job. My parents had been exposed to Covid-19 by my aunt. They passed it onto me, thinking they only had the flu. From there, I recovered in my room for another fourteen days. Despite this, the worst thing about it is that I lost my job, and I have to rely on my savings account. 

I think that there’s hope in this. The lesson I want to share with you guys is that there’s no place safe from this virus, but keep your head up even through the worst cases. Your health and your mind are valuable, so please, please wear your mask properly to save yourself and others. We’re going to get over this together.

Ethan Nyugen, Staff Writer

Ethan Nyugen is currently an alumni of the Rock Academy

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Rock Academy Newspaper

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