Here I will be giving you a review on the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. 

Color Variety: With the iPhone 12 you have more of a color variety. The iPhone 12 comes in Blue, Green, Product Red, White, and Black. With the iPhone 12 Pro you have the 4 options, Pacif15ic Blue, Gold, Gray, and Graphite. 

Price Difference: The iPhone 12 starts at $799 for 64 GB of storage. It can also go all the way up to $949 for 256 GB of storage. If you want to buy it unlocked you must pay an additional $30. The iPhone 12 Pro prices start at $999 with 128 GB of storage to start, and goes up to $1299 for 512 GB of storage. With unlocked variants, the prices aren’t different from the iPhone 12. 

Size: Well with the size, they are absolutely identical. In fact, the same case works for both. There are many cases you can get from Apple or from different sellers. The iPhone 12 is a bit lighter because it is made of aluminum. The backside of the phone is glass, and the camera area is a matte type of finish. The iPhone 12 weighs 5.78 oz. (164 grams). Whilst, the iPhone 12 Pro weighs 6.66 oz. (189 grams). Other than the weight differences they are completely identical. 

 5G: They both operate on the same 5G network. Everything’s the same as far as that. The speakers are the same, and the microphone is the same. 5G is something new for Apple. 

Displays: The displays are the same also. They both use gorilla glass with ceramic shields, so they should be equally durable. Apple says they are 4 times more durable than last year’s iPhone. Like I said, the displays are the same. They are the same in every dimension. They are using a 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR. The refresh rate is 60 HZ, which is slower than last year. They support HDR and True Tone. As far as the brightness, that’s where the difference is. With the iPhone 12 the brightness goes up to 625 nits of brightness, while the iPhone 12 Pro goes up to 800 nits of brightness. 

CPU: There’s another difference when it comes to the processor. Now, they have the same Bionic A14 Processor which is very fast. The iPhone 12 only has 4 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 12 Pro has 6 GB of RAM. This may make a difference when editing video. 

Cameras: Now, on the back there are obvious differences with the cameras. The iPhone 12 does not have three lenses like the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 also lacks the new LiDAR sensor like the iPhone 12 Pro has. But the cameras that are already there are identical between the two. For example, they both have the exact same 12 MP Ultrawide Camera with a F/2.4 4K60. We also have a wide 12MP Wide F/1.6 4K60 lens that lets in a lot of light. The iPhone 12 Pro has a 12MP Telephoto F/2.0 4K60 lens. The LiDAR sensor will help with dark photos. The iPhone 12 Pro can zoom into a 4x optical zoom range while the iPhone 12 can only zoom to 2x. With that being said, the iPhone 12 Pro can zoom much further. Another thing that the iPhone 12 Pro has that the iPhone 12 doesn’t is the night portrait. The reasoning for this is because of the LiDAR sensor. The forward facing cameras are identical. Both have the option to film in HDR Dolby Video. With that being said the iPhone 12 Pro has the better camera. 

Battery: Being that these are both the same size, they both have the same battery inside. They both have a 2815mAh Battery, so there is zero difference. Expect around 7 hours of battery life if you’re a light user. If you’re a heavy user, you can expect less. 

MagSafe: One thing that’s nice is MagSafe. It comes with 15 watt charging. This means charging will be faster, and it is available for both models. Let’s not forget the phone does not come with a charging block, so you will have to pick one up at the store. You don’t have to get it at the Apple store, there are several other stores that sell electronic products for Apple devices. 

IP Rating: There is some great water sealing in both of them. They’re water resistant to 6 meters for up to 30 minutes, with an IP68 rating. 

Apple is not responsible for water damage to your iPhone. 

Which iPhone 12 should you choose? 

Now, with the iPhone 12 there are a lot of deals right now to get it inexpensively. But, with the iPhone 12 Pro, it starts with 128 GB of storage by default, so it’s a great deal. If you are going to get the iPhone 12 you should just upgrade the storage after you b15uy it. If you are planning on recording on your phone, you should probably get the iPhone 12 Pro. Both are great options, if you want a smaller phone you should get the iPhone 12 Mini. There is also the iPhone 12 Pro MAX which is larger. The iPhone 12 Pro MAX is not released yet, but if you want to wait for the 12 Pro MAX you can. Both of these are a great phone, and I would recommend both. If these phones are out of your price range. I recommend looking around through the market for used/older iPhones, as they will be cheaper then the newer phones. I personally have the iPhone XR and I would recommend getting it if you cannot afford the newest phones. 

Conner Akins, Staff Writer

Conner Akins is currently an alumni of the Rock Academy.

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