Nintendo announced in early October that one new Smash Bros. character would be added to its roster for $5.99. The new characters turned out to be Steve from MinecraftMinecraft by Mojang Studios has been a highly popular game since its introduction in 2009 and continues its trend today. As of October 13th, 2020,  Steve has finally crossed over to Nintendo to be the new character in Super Smash Bros. Both games individually have had a colorful history behind them. Evolving over the year, the first Smash bros was introduced in 1999, It was called Smash 64. Then came the Game Cube’s Super Smash Melee. Seven years later Wii’s version of the game came out and it was called Super Smash Bros Brawl

 It’s interesting that a game, Minecraft, from a different generation and player platform, Linux, Windows, OS X,  joins the Switch’s Smash universe. Smash is about Nintendo characters brawling it out, now with the addition of Steve to the game their universe has breached over to a different realm. It’s about to get good!

Kaden Waitley , Staff Writer

Posted by:thadailywarrior

Rock Academy Newspaper

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