As we are currently going through hard times due to covid 19, it has been a challenge getting certain needs and wants met.  For example,  I  tried buying a Nintendo Switch several months ago but was unable to because stores were sold out.  I traveled to 5 different locations and couldn’t find one. Online sites were no different,  if one was lucky to find one on-line they wanted twice the MSRP of around $500.00 to $600. Who wants to pay that much? Scarcity on Nintendo Switches weren’t alone. Stock on real need products such as bleach, paper towels, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer are also in low supply.

As the pandemic makes it harder to do and get things, we as consumers have had to push through and get around with what we have.  At Target, since the lockdown back in April, the shelves with electronics like computers, phones, watches, speakers, gaming consoles are still pretty bare.  Through it all I’ve needed new products such as a pair of headphones, a game controller, a watch and they either didn’t have them or would take around 3 weeks to a month to receive.   

Several people my age bulked up on items like game controllers, keyboards, and mice, through these hard times. Now these things are obviously not as important as hand soap or paper towels but I did have to deal with a messed up controller for 3 months. As things slowly get back to the way they once were like being back in-person at school, we are still a long ways away from getting back to a routine or circumstance considered normal.

Wyatt Cooper, Staff Writer

Wyatt Cooper is currently a junior at the Rock Academy.

Posted by:thadailywarrior

Rock Academy Newspaper

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