Since the COVID-19 Pandemic has hit, the sports world has been in a pickle. Leagues like the National Hockey League, National Basketball Association and the Women’s National Basketball Association have found a solution to play sports in a safe environment. The word for these facilities that are holding Professional Sports are being called ‘Bubbles’. These bubbles have dropped the concerns of the COVID-19 Virus because players are not allowed to leave the bubble until their team is eliminated from their respective tournaments.

The National Hockey Association has 2 ‘Bubbles’ in Canada. One ‘Bubble’ is in Toronto and the other is in Edmonton. 24 Teams entered the NHL ‘Bubble’ to compete for the Stanley Cup. Now there are 2 teams left; The Dallas Stars and the Favorite Tampa Bay Lightning. There have been 0 reported cases of the Coronavirus which has led to the great success of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

The National Basketball League has a ‘Bubble’ at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 22 Teams entered the NBA ‘Bubble’ to compete for the NBA Championship. The NBA has had issues with COVID-19 cases and with players leaving and entering the ‘Bubble’. Cases have slowed down now and there are 4 teams battling for the crown; The Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets, And LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers.

“Bubble Ball” is a thing of the future and is the best thing that’s going to happen to sports right now. Being in a ‘Bubble’ is keeping COVID-19 cases down and slowing the spread and is giving Professional Athletes the opportunity to play their sports safely. 

Conner Akins, Staff Writer

Conner Akins is currently an alumni of the Rock Academy.

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