Imagine, you’re a kid in 1984; a trailer for a rather “tubular” looking movie is dropped in theaters. You try to look like smooth butter as you witness a high schooler being trained by an old man in an upcoming movie and you casually  ask your parents for some moolah to catch that sweet looking flick in theaters. As you sit down ready to watch this absolute banger, your friend says to his girl to “Not have a cow” as she complains that this movie isn’t “choice.” After the movie, you believe that you could one day see a “rad” TV series to that gnarly movie.

Fast forward to the year 2020, you’re an adult now that just saw the trailer. You drop the tough act in front of your children as that nostalgic feeling fills you once again as the story of legends continues with “Cobra Kai” on Netflix. The premise is set Thirty-four years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. A down-and-out Johnny Lawrence seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai dojo. Thus reigniting his rivalry with the now-successful Daniel LaRusso. What is a parent to do except force their children to put down their phones and witness the beauty and renaissance of circa la suart art. Rotten Tomatoes; one of if not the most critically acclaimed reviewers gave the first season had this to say; “Cobra Kai continues the Karate Kid franchise with a blend of a pleasant corny nostalgia and teen angst, elevated by a cast of well-written characters.” Giving it 100%.” Rotten Tomatoes said later, after the release of the second season; “While Cobra Kai‘s subversive kick no longer carries the same gleeful impact of its inaugural season, its second round is still among the best around — no amount of mid-life crisis and teenage ennui’s ever gonna stop this show.” Now, with the time you have and the childhood anticipation building up, watch Netflix’s hottest and raddest show today!

Gavin Beam, Staff Writer

Posted by:thadailywarrior

Rock Academy Newspaper

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