1.   What three words would best describe you?  Sincere, caring, and bald

2. What is your teaching philosophy? My teaching philosophy is based on a love for learning.  I believe learners who love to learn make the best disciples who make disciples.  Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin. They are both part of our growth journey.  As a teacher, it is my job to actually cause learning to happen…not just present information.  I work very hard, but lean into Jesus in my weakness.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to do absolutely whatever it takes to help the learner actually learn (not just know facts).  The learner must also want to learn.  Then, the teacher and the learner are on the same journey together where the Lord begins to do things only He can do.

3. How do you feel about teaching at a Christian School?  I absolutely love teaching at a Christian School!  I find so much life and joy from serving in my giftedness.  Teaching at a Christian School gives me the opportunity to serve young people and their families by helping them to understand and apply God’s Word. 

4. Why did you decide to become a teacher? First and foremost because God called me.  Teaching is where my purpose and God’s mission intersect.  I am never happier in this life than when I am teaching. Also, this world desperately needs some change.  I feel passionate about this generation of students being the ones who can make that change as they live out their faith in Jesus.  I really believe this!  That is why I want to pour into each student in order to prepare, encourage, and equip them to change the world.  

Conner Akins, Staff Writer

Conner Akins is currently an alumni of the Rock Academy.

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