“One could argue on the topic of being stuck in your room all day, or at the least during a zoom meeting, as that of “inhumane” or not fun, while others could argue that the isolation in a room is a peace bearing gift sent down from God himself. Many people find this to be no problem at all, as they can go either one way or the other in such situational dilemmas, like the one we are currently in as you read. We know the struggles of not seeing our friends or just wanting to breath the fresh air in our own backyards can be proven difficult in trying times such as these. But for the safety of all America, we must follow guidelines to suffocate the virus out of our green earth so that you may walk freely again as we were once a country of our Lord. It might be cramped or stuffy but we advise you to stay indoors for the time being, and when you eventually make it through the rough, when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will see the best of a community that has survived so much in the world’s problems. For the more “isolated” kind, the bedroom is a sanctuary to drift off from all the hate and sorrow in the world. It is our “hideaway hole” when friends of our parents stop by and you wish to stay out of their way to prevent conflict with them as a sign of respect. This is our room to safely rest for the next day in the bizarre life of a Rock Academy student. This is our time to shine brighter than any extrovert could possibly shine out in public. Soon, whether you like the change or not, this will all dissipate and you will return to the original world of a Rock Academy student. You will meet people in person, make eye contact and can hang out with friends and family as the olden days of the good USA. I wish all of you, good luck.”

Gavin Beam, Staff Writer

Posted by:thadailywarrior

Rock Academy Newspaper

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