There is so much more I wish I could tell you right now about just how good The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is over the course of its 10 new episodes. There is so much to touch on, including the incredible needle drops, the costume design, the rip-roaring banter between seven siblings trying to save the world from an apocalyptic event (again), the surprise plot twists which will have you flipping out or inconsolable, or just how good it feels to have a show firing on all cylinders as it welcomes you into its wild and weird world with open arms.”

Alli Gemmill

The Umbrella Academy is a superhero tv series that originates as a comic book series. It revolves around a family of estranged children who reunite to solve a mystery surrounding their father’s death, while also protect the world from ending in the process. The story began on October 1, 1989. Forty-three women around the world gave birth, none of which were pregnant the previous day. The lives of seven children were changed when Sir Reginal Hargeeves adopted and turned them into superheroes, all of which had different powers. With zero interest in parenting, Mr. Hargeeves named them in terms of usefulness:

Number 1 had super strength.

Number 2  has uncanny accuracy.

Number 3 can manipulate the mind.

Number 4 can speak to the dead.

Number 5  can space and time travel.

Number 6 can summon a tentacle monster.

Number 7 can convert sound into destructive force, although thought to have no special abilities at all. 

The Umbrella Academy has proved to be a great show, conjuring up nearly 45 million views within the first month of release. It has also been given a seat on Netflix’s top 10 trending list. If you are interested in an exhilarating adventure series, this is one to put on your watchlist.

Kaden Waitley , Staff Writer

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